Star-finder Telescopes (Finders)

Star-finder Telescope made by I R Poyser
Star-finder Telescope made by I R Poyser

Pictured here are some of our Star-finder Telescopes.

All our brass finders have achromatic doublet objective lenses and Plossl eyepieces with cross-hairs. The choice of the diameter and focal length of the objective lens lies with the client.

Prices are from £250.00, depending upon the diameter and focal length of the objective lens. The most cost-effective option is to choose an objective lens that we already have in stock.

Star-finder Telescope made by I R Poyser
Star-finder Telescope made by I R Poyser


Plossl Eyepiece by I R Poyser

Plossl Eyepiece EP.1

35 mm focal length

The two cemented doublet achromatic lenses in this Plossl eyepiece are not coated and are of superb optical quality. They give a view that is remarkably free from false colour.

This is our best-selling eyepiece and it has an excellent reputation; almost every customer who has bought one has written to us or emailed us to say that this eyepiece equals, or exceeds, the performance of their other, more expensive, eyepieces.

If you are starting in astronomy and can only afford one eyepiece – choose this one.

Standard fitting: 1¼” or 2”
Focal length: 35 mm
Clear aperture through the lenses: 23 mm
Optical construction: two cemented doublets


Current price: £100.00

Plossl Eyepiece by I R Poyser

Eyepiece EP.3

37 mm focal length in focusing mount

This is a superb low-power eyepiece of military origin. It has a wonderfully flat and crisp field of view. It works well in long focal ratio telescopes and it performs just as well in the modern, short focal ratio telescopes, such as the apochromatic triplets. Many modern eyepieces cannot do this.

The eyepiece has a chunky focusing ring which, when rotated, moves the lenses smoothly in or out to alter the fine focus. It is provided with a soft rubber eyecup with a rubber dust cap. We have fitted it with a 2” (50.8 mm) nosepiece for standard telescopes.

Focal length: 37 mm
Field lens diameter: 37 mm


Current price: £130.00Eyepiece EP.3A by I R Poyser

Eyepiece EP.3A

37 mm eyepiece in its original military format

This is the same as the EP.3 but without the 2” nosepiece. You can build it into a telescope of your own construction by using the six M3 threaded holes in the base of the body. This would be superb in a spotting ‘scope or a finder.


Current price: £90.00

Eyepiece EP.3A with nosepiece

Eyepiece EP.3A with nosepiece

We can supply this eyepiece with a 1¼” nosepiece so that it fits a wider range of telescopes.

The smaller diameter barrel somewhat restricts the field of view.


Current price: £130.00

EP.4 Eyepiece by I R Poyser

Eyepiece EP.4

19 mm focal length

This eyepiece is made of a pair of fully anti-reflection coated singlets sealed within a black alloy housing; it was manufactured to be a replacement eyepiece in 10 x 50 binoculars.

The optical performance is excellent. It is suitable as a medium/higher power eyepiece in, for example, a finder or guide-scope of your own construction.

Focal length: 19 mm


Current price: £20.00

Other eyepieces

We have a large number of ex. military eyepieces in stock that have been stripped out of military optical equipment such as gun-sights and rangefinders.

They have all been used but are of excellent optical quality; they offer a cost effective method of constructing your own astronomical telescope or finder-scope.

If you have a telescope-building project in mind you can get in touch with us to see what military eyepieces are available.